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Patent filings in Israel and worldwide; patent prosecution and maintenance; copyright protection; industrial design filings in Israel and worldwide; inter-parte proceedings before the Israeli Patent Office; patent, copyright and design litigation.


Branding strategies, trademark availability searches in Israel and worldwide; trademark filings in Israel and worldwide; trademark prosecution and maintenance; inter-parte proceedings before the Israeli Trademark Office.


Assignment and licensing of patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights; distribution agreements, franchise agreements; research and development agreements; software agreements; internet and website agreements; clickwrap agreements, end user license agreements, SaaS agreements; release agreements, non-disclosure agreements etc.


Infringement and validity disputes for patents and trademarks; anti-counterfeiting and border control measures; unfair competition, unjust enrichment and passing off claims; copyright infringement disputes; appeals from Patent Office and Trade mark Office decisions; partnership dissolutions, technological contract disputes, domain name disputes, confidential information disputes etc.

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DSIP Patent & Trademark Law Office is an Israeli law firm focusing on the needs of IP owners in Israel. Our office operates under the vision of providing first-rate professional services at affordable prices. With Israel’s entrance to the Madrid Protocol and to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the advent of the online searches and filing systems, the corresponding regulatory amendments and a range of other changes, the landscape of IP practice in Israel has changed. IP attorneys have greater access to information; filing documents is easier; and office examination policies are more transparent. These changes result in a legal sphere gradually becoming more homogeneous and less cumbersome, allowing the proficient and vigilant attorney to achieve better results in shorter times and at reduced costs.

As part of our ongoing commitment to efficient and transparent services, this website offers an abundance of legal information to be explored, including a complete guide to Israel’s trademark law, and a short but useful guide on expediting patent applications in Israel. We hope you will find this website useful. We welcome any feedback or suggestions that you might have, and look forward to serving you at the highest level.

Dan Segal

Dan Segal, Owner

Dan Segal has nearly 15 years of experience in Israeli IP law. Prior to starting DSIP, Mr. Segal has worked for two of the leading law firms in the field of intellectual property in Israel. Mr. Segal has managed dozens of patent and trademark prosecution files, and served as counsel in several high profile IP litigation cases. L.L.B from Tel Aviv University; M.Phil. Cum laude from Tel-Aviv University. Member of the IP Committee of the Israeli bar Association and of INTA, International Trademark Association.


High quality, responsive service. DSIP Patent & Trademark Law Office secured protection for our trademark with no fuss. Trademark experts, very efficient and cost effective in their work.
Tomer Asaf
URBANICO Electric Bikes
Being one of Israel's largest private archives of historical photographs, preserving and curating over a million negatives, our business requires strategic thinking and constant vigilance. When our IP is threatened, DSIP Patent & Trademark Law Office are there to pursue claims and to obtain outcomes that fit our business objectives. I would highly recommend DSIP Patent & Trademark Law Office for any IP related work.
Ben Peter
The PhotoHouse
We were referred to DSIP Patent & Trademark Law Office in a time of crisis. Our house mark was not registered, and we found with horror that one of the largest wineries in Israel has begun using our mark, and is about to have it registered. Mr. Segal, owner of DSIP Patent & Trademark Law Office, immediately filed a trademark application and litigated an inter-partes interference proceeding to the very successful end. To this day, we owe DSIP Patent & Trademark Law Office our valuable brand.
Eyal Elipas
EDEN Winery
Mr. Segal, owner of DSIP Patent & Trademark Law Office, is an inventive, persistent and thorough litigator. He deeply immerses himself in the facts of a case, unwilling to be satisfied with unsubstantiated assumptions. When he took over our case, it was clearly heading for a full trial. Mr. Segal delved in, assessed our strengths and weaknesses very clearly, and with the finish line in mind, mapped our trial strategy anew. He took a very proactive approach, expeditiously filing numerous motions and putting the defendant under pressure.In a short time, he was able to bring the defendants to the table and to secure a worthy settlement. Thanks to Mr. Segal, we got straight results, saved fromyears ofcostly legal battles.
Guy Somech
Wake Up Communications
Wake Up Communications


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