About Us

Segal Law Office is an Israeli law firm focusing on the needs of IP owners in Israel. Our office operates under the vision of providing first-rate professional services at affordable prices. With Israel’s entrance to the Madrid Protocol, the Hague Agreement and the Global Patent Prosecution Highway, the advent of online searches and digital filing systems, the corresponding regulatory amendments and a range of other changes, the landscape of IP practice in Israel has changed. IP attorneys have greater access to information, office examination policies are more transparent, responses are filed at no time, and productivity is increasing . These changes allow the proficient and vigilant attorney to achieve better results in shorter times and at reduced costs. 

Having managed dozens of patent and trademark prosecution files over the years, we are happy to lend our experience and knowledge to clients from all over the world seeking to protect their IP rights in Israel. As part of our ongoing commitment to efficient and transparent services, this website offers an abundance of legal information to be explored, including a complete guide to Israel’s trademark law and practice, and a short guide on expediting patent examinations in Israel. We hope you will find this website useful. We welcome any feedback or suggestions that you might have, and look forward to serving you at the highest level. 

Some of our Client's Trademarks:

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